How to Vape With the Smoant POD System

Smoant POD system

There are several positive aspects of the Smoant POD system. Its side-mounted USB port is a huge plus. The device can be laid down while charging. The pod system doesn’t bubble while charging, so it’s easy to place and charge without worry. The Smoant comes with a single refillable pod, so you’ll want to purchase a few extra. However, it is not a replacement for higher-end vape pens.

Smoant has been a stalwart of the vaping industry for years and has consistently produced quality products. After the S8 failed to make any waves, the company returned to the pod system market eight months later. While pod systems can be difficult to get right, those that succeed are often brilliant devices. We’ve reviewed a few of the best pod systems in order to help you decide if this one is right for you.

The Karat features a 370-mAh internal battery and quartz style coil, which extends its lifespan. The unit also features an automatic firing mechanism, and lanyard holes. The device also has a USB port and blue light indicators for full and half-charge. The light loses its power when it turns red, but is a good way to check if your device is charging. The Smoant Karat is a great choice if you want to vape discreetly.

The Smoant PASITO Pod System Kit features the legendary Smoant ANT chipset. The chipset’s advanced design optimizes for the pod mod format. It boasts an instant response time and virtually no delay. Furthermore, the Smoant PASITO Pod System incorporates multiple safety features, including short-circuit and low-voltage protection. It is one of the few pod systems that uses a re-buildable coil.

If you’re looking for the best pod system, you’ve come to the right place. Smoant is a leading brand when it comes to vaporizers. Its Smoant Knight 80 Pod Kit has many positive features, but it’s also compatible with most other devices. You can even find it in a variety of colors. There’s no need to settle for a color that doesn’t match your mood or style.

Smoant’s Pasito Pod System comes with a convenient charging port and integrated 370mAh battery. With judicious use, the S8 Pod can last you multiple sessions. In fact, it can last for days. When you’re done, you can recharge the Pod using the microUSB port. A 0.5A charging rate is enough to recharge the S8 Pod.

The S8 Pod is one of the most advanced vaporizers in the world. It provides a tight draw similar to cigarette smoking. This means that fresh ex-smokers can achieve optimum satisfaction. Another great feature is the long battery life, and the fact that it fits easily into the smallest pocket. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys vaping. If you’re in the market for a new vape system, Smoant has you covered.

As with all other Smoant vaporizers, you’ll find that S8 Pods have replaceable cartridges. The S8 Ultra Portable Kit, for example, features a 1.3-ohm resistance atomizer coil. It generates a rich, sophisticated hit and is great for MTL usage. When using the S8 Pod Ultra Portable Kit, you can expect a battery life of up to four days.

The Smoant POD system has a sleek, feminine design, and is available in three different colors. Smoant has always been ahead of the curve in the vaping industry. Their POD starter kits and accessories have always been cutting edge, and the Smoant KARAT Pod System has taken the MTL platform to a new level. Its stylish design and powerful quartz coil make it a desirable option for seasoned vapers.

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