The Best Vape Mods For Beginners

Augvape RTA

The Augvape RTA comes in a small cardboard box. The front of the box features the Augvape logo, product name, and MikeVapes’s social media handles. The bottom half of the box contains the product’s contents list and warranty card. It’s easy to find everything you need by checking the box’s information. The Augvape RTA has many impressive features that make it an attractive choice for beginners.

The build deck of the Augvape RTA is remarkably durable. It features a three-layered build deck with two large airflow slots in the top. The top airflow slots funnel air into the central coil, which then pushes vapor upwards. The Augvape RTA comes with a large capacity glass tank that can hold 2.4ml of e-liquid. The build deck has two large airflow ports that can be used to fill the tank with e-liquid.

The Augvape RTA also has a 3.5ml capacity and a diameter of 18mm. Its airflow ring is adjustable, and features a kanthal and nichrome pre-built coil. The RTA comes with a top fill system and is compatible with most mods. It also comes with a 90-day warranty. There is a huge variety of vaporizer tanks on the market, so make sure you choose one that suits your vaping needs.

Another feature of the Augvape Intake RTA is its size. At 24mm diameter, it’s easy to fit most mods without any overhang. The Intake RTA also comes with an 8mm wide bore delrin drip tip. The RTA is available in several colors, including blue, purple, and stainless steel. The Augvape Intake RTA is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediates alike.

The Wotofo COG MTL RTA is a collaboration between three vape companies. It features a spring-loaded clamp to keep cotton in place and prevent dry hits. The tank also features a 3.5ml adjustable juice capacity and a leak-proof top-fill system. A dual RTA is easy to wick and has an enormous capacity. Just make sure that you use fluffy cotton. You don’t want to block the juice channels.

Another feature that separates the Augvape Intake RTA from its competitors is its dual airflow ring. This feature allows for a more concentrated flavor and a leak-free vape. The dual airflow ring and two airflow channels funnel air directly into the coil without the need to adjust the filling system. If you’re looking for a rebuildable tank atomizer that’s simple to use, the Augvape Intake 24mm RTA is an excellent choice. Featuring a 24mm build deck, the Augvape RTA comes with a 4.2ml e-juice capacity.

Augvape RTAs offer an incredible flavor and a long battery life. If you’re looking for a quality RTA, choose a quality one made by a company with a long track record in the industry. The Intake RTA is a superb choice, with a 4.2ml bubble tank and a 2.5ml standard straight tank. The Intake RTA is also easy to fill, and comes with a top-fill system.

The Augvape Intake MTL RTA offers a postless build deck and wide airflow slots to direct the concentration into the coils. The Augvape INTAKE Dual is an attractive choice for an average vaper. Installing the coil requires three Phillips head screws, but it’s easy to do. Just be sure to keep the coil from touching the deck while installing it. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll have a quality RTA for a great price.

The Augvape RTA comes with a wide range of functions and features. Its low profile drip tip makes it difficult to remove the coils. In addition, a low-profile drip tip can cause dry hits, especially if you’re using coils with a high resistance. Its low profile design prevents the coils from getting burnt and helps you enjoy the best flavor possible. Its small size also makes it easy to store and carry.

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